Detail Roundup: Making the Most of Chalk, Candles, and Cake

For many brides (and their event designers), the details are where heart and soul are poured out to make guests feel appreciated and weddings feel unique.

We offer a number of detail products that are well suited to DIY embellishment *and* to looking great straight out of the box.

In this wedding that was long on designer details, simple mercury glass votives and succulents in vases were a simple embellishment for the place card table.

Likewise, the centerpieces contained simple elements that repeated these small details.  Mercury glass votives, elegant calligraphy, and natural florals are a winning combination at this minimalist chic affair.

White paper lanterns and globe lights complement the other details and balance the vertical space without taking away from the elegant simplicity of the reception.

Chalkboards are another of our favorite DIY-friendly details that can be completely personalized with realistic amounts of effort and creativity.  They strike a great midpoint between form and function, telling guests what they need to know without being too bossy.  (PS  Do you see a tissue paper pom hiding out in the corner?  We love those, too.)

A larger chalkboard sign invites guests to partake of their favorite beverage in a keepsake glass…  A huge part of your guests’ comfort is in knowing that they’re doing things right, and this sign is both cute and clear.

Finally, we’ve told you often that a few wow! areas make the best use of limited budgets.  The cake table is absolutely one of the most watched and photographed areas of an entire wedding, and this beaded cake plate makes sure that the cake shines.  Whether your dessert is a DIY or a bakery confection, the cake table is *not* the place to skimp on details.

It’s really up to you whether you put additional time and energy into these thoughtful details, or let them stand on their own right out of the box.  We would love to help you find the perfect details to put the finishing touches on your next event.  Give us a call at 928-855-6075 and let our on-site, on-staff customer service folks help you get just what you need, when and where you need it, shipped directly from our huge warehouse of in-stock products.

Centerpieces that go Above and Beyond

You may not be *totally* surprised to find out that our absolute favorite centerpieces are the ones that make a strong design statement and serve as reception focal points.

We like those boss centerpieces for lots of reasons.  One, we’ve seen a *lot* of centerpieces, but we still love to have our jaws dropped by fab design…  Two, centerpieces really are de rigeur at weddings and major events, so it’s best to take the “have to” and make it a “wow!”  And three, done well, they are a repeatable design element, an accessible piece of art for each table, and a smart way to get the most from your wedding budget.

In this luxe tented reception, visually it’s hard to say where the centerpieces end and the tent décor begins.   Tall candelabras on the tables paired with distinctive chandeliers suspended from the tent add layers of elegance.   Burlap runners and winding greenery and florals down the center of the table and on each chair add to the guests’ experience of being surrounded by unfussy luxury.

In this rustic setting, the bead-intensive chandeliers and bright florals in tall vases provide a one-two punch for a look that is chic *and* seamless in this space.  Hats off to the designer, who chose bright table linens and repeated the color subtly in the blooms.

This tall centerpiece channels a little rustic, a little natural, and a lot of pretty.  We love the tangled branches paired with suspended glass candle holders.  Tiny succulents on the tables complement the tall arrangements, and the draped fabric brings a romantic vibe while lowering the ceiling height a bit.

Elegant simplicity is right at home in this tented reception.  The burlap runner grounds the long, low centerpiece, and the suspended florals add drama just as a chandelier would.

Whether you want to mix chandeliers and tall centerpieces for a dramatic, layered effect, or to punctuate long, low centerpieces with taller elements, we have a warehouse full of products to help you realize your creative vision.

Give our knowledgeable customer service folks a call to get help placing an order that gives you the most bang for your décor buck, including the right types, numbers, and sizes of quality pieces to make your client’s event perfect.  We’re available to help at 1-928-855-6075.

Centerpiece Roundup: Crystal Bead Strands Add Sparkle to Wedding Centerpieces

For the next several weeks, we’ll be looking at one of the workhorses of wedding reception décor:  centerpieces.  Whether repeated or varied throughout your event, centerpieces are one of the design elements that your guests get to look at up close for an extended period of time.  They can be impressive and meaningful without being budget busters, and we’re going to show you some of the ways that you can set your tables apart, whether you have a stratospheric budget or need to keep your spending on the ground for this particular line item.

First up:  Crystal Bead Strands

Available in pre-cut lengths and in rolls, crystal strands are a great way to add sparkle to any centerpiece.  They are flexible, easy (and quick) to install, and look great whether they are dangling or draped, in clusters or singly.  Add a pendant for visual and physical weight, or let them hang delicately on their own.

If the sky is the limit of your budget, this art installation turned centerpiece combines gold branches, orchids, crystal bead strands, pendants, and tea lights suspended in glass candle holders is thoroughly fabulous.  A statement piece if ever we saw one, guests will be sure to remember this centerpiece.

Extravagant centerpiece using orchids and crystal strands.

Source: Jared Wilson Photography

If you want a more modest look that is still more than memorable, we love hydrangeas in any form, and this combination of neutral table linens and white hydrangeas (and roses) is a budget-friendly winner.  Monochromatic color schemes are elegant by default, and crystal strands are an affordable way to take these centerpieces to the next level.  Tall vases make the blooms a conversation piece rather than a conversation stopper.

tall vases with crystal strands wedding centerpieces.

Source: Stacey Bishop Photography

This stunning centerpiece uses crystal bead strands to add a little bling to extravagant blooms with a rustic feel.  Moss at the base of the centerpiece gives the sense that the whole gorgeous thing just grew in this very spot, and the draped beads soften the centerpiece’s vertical lines perfectly.

crystal strands on large tall floral arrangement.

Source: Allan Zepeda Photography

In a room of red and metallics, these tall centerpieces hold their own dressed in white.  The draped crystals are luxurious without being expensive, and choosing seasonal florals always helps keep the flower budget under control.  Once again, we’re fans of the tall vases that give the blooms (hydrangeas!) a place of honor and the guests a chance to chat over dinner.

centerpiece with blooms, tall vase, and crystal bead strands.

Source: Stackwood Studios

Finally, one last look we’re swooning over:  Tall black candelabras, jewel tone blooms, crystal bead strands, and elevated tea lights.  With a gorgeous natural setting and dramatic centerpieces, no other décor is really necessary.

Whether you’re a bride with a design side or a pro building a stash of fabulous products and ideas for your clients, crystal bead rolls and strands are products that do double and even triple duty, softening the lines of tall centerpieces while adding just the right amount of sparkle without bulk.

We’d love to help you figure out just what you need to make your wedding or event spectacular.  Give us a call at 928-855-6075 to talk about which, how many, and how fast you need crystal bead strands, tall vases, and other supplies from our huge warehouse of in-stock décor products that are ready to ship.  Once you’ve seen our quality and experienced our customer service, we bet that you’ll be customers for life, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Romantic Tented Wedding by Colin Cowie

If there were an all-encompassing international design award for best wedding designer, Colin Cowie would be a perennial shoo-in.  He *has* won tons of awards, and more importantly, his weddings wow his clients and their guests, weekend after weekend, year after year.  Not to mention us ~ and we’ve seen our share of wedding and event images, especially lately as we’ve totally redesigned our ShopWildThings website.

tented wedding with chandelier.

Source: Colin Cowie

We love the movement in the aisle full of petals, the ribbons on the florals, and of course the chandelier in the wedding tent.  Did you want a closeup of that chandelier?  Happy to.  The simple color scheme complements the natural setting perfectly, the generous floral display defines understated elegance, and the focus is on the happy couple in this ceremony space.

chandelier in wedding tent.

Source: Colin Cowie

The atmosphere of luxury carries over into the tented reception, where chandeliers, fabric draping, and tall crystal candelabras serve as a perfect backdrop for a sumptuous dinner and a night of dancing.  Punches of hot pink peonies and roses add just the right amount of color to this neutral palette of cream and blush.  (Those little showstopper details are a Colin Cowie signature.)

chandeliers and centerpieces in a tented wedding reception

Source: Colin Cowie

We have to show you closeups of some of these tables.  The chair covers are to *die* for, and the cascading effect from layers of light at different heights adds romance and a note of drama to the total effect of the event space.

The tables are dotted with florals, wineglass votives, and mercury glass votives in a variety of shapes and sizes, all sitting atop large square mirrors that magnify their total effect.  (Hint:  The best way to see our extensive selection of mercury glass votives is to type “mercury glass” into the search bar at the top of our website.  We have a TON of styles to choose from!)

candelabras, mercury glass votives, centerpieces

Source: Colin Cowie

We are suckers for peonies and hydrangeas, and if they are accented with mercury glass votives, then we can’t *not* show you.  Love these simple, refined touches to accent the cocktail hour between the wedding and the reception.

mercury glass votives.

Source: Colin Cowie

There’s not much that we find more gratifying than seeing our products as part of fabulous design, and there is no one who delivers fabulous design more consistently than Colin Cowie.

We love being part of his clients’ biggest milestone events, and we look forward to serving you by bringing you the best quality, the best selection, the best customer service, and the fastest shipping in the industry.

Give our customer service department a call at 928-855-6075 for product advice, for help placing an order, or for assistance figuring out just *what* to order to suit your needs and make your clients proud.  All of our customer service folks are located in our huge warehouse full of top shelf wedding and event décor products, and they are happy to help you get the most for your budget, whether you’ve got a particular event to design or a warehouse of stock pieces that needs some new mojo in the form of today’s hottest pieces.  We look forward to helping you make your next event fabulous.




Fabulous Fauxçades | Using Décor Staples at Upscale Events

Fauxçades of Dallas, TX is simply one of the *most* fabulous event design firms in the Southeast, and we are always impressed with the new and innovative ways that they use our staple event products.  There’s nothing better than seeing how a team of creatives can really make use of high quality pieces that last through seasons’ worth of weddings and events without repeating the same look twice.

We pride ourselves on sourcing high quality décor pieces and providing them at competitive prices.  Our clients expect to get years’ worth of life out of our event design staples.  These swirl chandeliers and bead curtains are a great example of how investing in the best quality is the best option for your bottom line.

string and bead curtains in luxury lounge.

Source: Fauxçades

If you follow Fauxçades (and you really should), you’ll see these staple pieces used as backdrops, as dividers, as ceiling décor, and in more creative ways to create unique event spaces week in and week out.  They are both beautiful and durable, and they can serve as focal points or as accent pieces.

Check out this gorgeous space ~ transformed from hotel ballroom to custom fabulous by creative lighting, swirl chandeliers and light kits (no wires/plugs needed), and flameless candles.

swirl chandeliers.

Source: Fauxçades

Crystal ceiling drapes, another of our most popular staple pieces, are key to taking this event space to the next level.  They work seamlessly with existing chandeliers and metallic chair covers and table linens to complete the look of this reception.

ceiling drapes and bead curtains at luxury wedding.

Source: Fauxçades

Traditional chandeliers are another design staple that upscale event planning firms use, weekend after weekend, to change the look of their tried and true event venues.  This crystal chandelier works  with large fabric ceiling drapes to produce a dramatic event space ~ again transforming a bland but functional hotel ballroom into a truly custom venue.  (PS ~ We want that chair.)

chandelier at wedding reception.

Source: Fauxçades

Wherever you are in your event design career, we can help you build a core of staple products that offer great wow! factor for your clients, dependable revenue for your business, and steady use for years. Whether you’re choosing your first group of décor staples or adding splashy pieces to an existing arsenal of décor pieces, we will help you put together just the right mix of products for your events.

Give our customer service representatives a call at 928-855-6075 and take advantage of their years of experience and product expertise. We’ll get your next order placed, on your budget and in your time frame, and shipped to your location fast.

Chalkboard Signs as Thematic Element

Chalkboard signs are one of the best design elements to come out of shabby/rustic/country chic weddings.  We’ve seen them used to point guests in the right direction, to mark food options, and as table markers for quite some time.  This wedding documented by Aimee McAuley Photography shows how chalkboards ~ with the proper artistic flair and a little creativity ~ can transcend their role as signage and become a thematic element that unifies the many vignettes of a wedding day.

This gorgeous wedding epitomizes the modern rustic chic category, with clear emphasis on the chic.  We adore this oversized custom chalkboard, which doubles as a background for formal images and a delightful photo booth for guests.  It sets the stage for a delightful event, and is one of the first clues that guests receive about the level of detail and creativity they’ll experience at this wedding.  (One of the keys to well done chalkboards is the lettering ~ these are just perfect.  The lettering is obviously hand done ~ by someone who has plenty of experience in the art.)

This sweet sign precedes the lovely bride, gives her son a meaningful (and low pressure) role in the wedding, and ties the theme into one of the day’s most powerful moments.

After the first kiss, guests appreciate clear instructions about every aspect of the big day, and chalkboard signs are a great way to communicate ~ in a way that is clear but not pedantic.  If you look closely, you’ll see the thematic elements of chalkboard signs and flameless candles repeated from the bar…

To the wedding cake and cupcake display (and beyond).

(We could totally see smaller chalkboard food labels fitting right into the cupcake table, if you needed to mark allergy friendly foods or flavors.)  Love the floral details on this pretty cake, too.

The flameless candles and paper lanterns strike just the right romantic note without overpowering the reception’s natural setting.  We are huge fans of large traditional lanterns like the ones anchoring the outdoor fireplace, too.

Burlap table linens and natural floral arrangements add just the right element to the reception tables.

String lights adorn this outdoor tented reception, and the Mr. and Mrs. chalkboard signs ~ tied up with twine ~ are another sweet way to repeat the chalkboard thematic element AND to announce the couple’s new titles.

What better way to end the perfect storybook wedding than with a formal photograph in front of the large custom chalkboard ~ complete with a pennant bunting to symbolize the knot that’s just been tied…

And a heartfelt thank you to everyone who made the day perfect?

This elegant rustic chic wedding is unified without being fussy, and refined without being pretentious.  The details are just right, partly thanks to the repeated chalkboard sign elements throughout the day.

If you need help channeling your inner schoolteacher, let our chalkboard experts (okay, they know just a *few* other products, too) help you figure out how to get the most design impact on your budget.  Give them a call at 1-928-855-6075.  They will run the numbers to help you get just the right number of your favorite pieces, shipped to where you need them, right on time.

Trending: The Florals are Coming!

One of the hottest trends that we’re seeing in 2015 is the use of florals in innovative ways, throughout the wedding.  Of course, centerpieces and bouquets are wedding staples, but some of our favorite new dresses and details are also relying on blooms as art.  We have to admit that we kind of love this pretty, nature-loving trend.

We can always count on Tamara Wendt Design to have gorgeous brides and imaginative décor, and this wedding is no exception.  Incorporating florals from the dress to the reception, it is current without being trendy, and probably one of the sweetest weddings that we’ve seen this season.

The bride won our hearts with this fab ivory dress that incorporates floral details *and* beads.  Simply stunning.  (We love the groom’s royal blue suit, too.)

This diptych shows so clearly why this wedding is just a delightful affair.  You can see the emotion between the bride and groom in the shot on the left, and the simple outdoor ceremony incorporates floral details in an unfussy way.  The shepherd’s hooks that line both sides of the aisle hold lovely roses, and of course we are in love with the large crystal chandelier in the ceremony space.

You can see the floral sheeting linens in this closeup shot, but really we just wanted to let you in on the coolest unity display we’ve seen in a long, long time.  Sand is cool and all, but a peanut butter and jelly unity sandwich has to be one of the best kickoffs to a marriage evah.  (If you love the look of this table, check out floral sheeting ~ a fabulous, flexible alternative to linen.)

So much to love on these awesome tables.  A mix of florals and candles in a variety of container sizes, mercury glass everywhere, and handwritten chalkboard signs to help guests navigate the reception.

And speaking of incorporating floral details throughout the wedding, this sumptuous four tier wedding cake shows off delicate florals throughout its four layers.  We love the ribbon effect in the icing, too.

Finally, you can see the floral details coming full circle as the wedding toasts take place against a background embellished by blooms.  From the bride’s hair clip to the glass globes suspended above the head table at the wedding reception, delicate florals enhance the entire event.

We are huge proponents of working with established wedding designers to get the best return for your wedding budget, and this article certainly shows why.  One of our absolute favorite event designers is Tamara Wendt of Tamara Wendt Design.  She crafts gorgeous, modern, memorable events weekend after weekend, and each one is a unique expression of the couple’s vision for their wedding.

If you need a little help figuring out how to take your soirée to the next level, give our customer service representatives a call at 928-855-6075.  They work out of our huge warehouse full of the high quality event design staples that event professionals need, and they will help you decide which pieces will serve you best, how many to order, and how best to ship them to your design studio or event site.

Las Vegas, Part Deux: String Curtains, Bead Curtains, and Moroccan Lanterns

We were so happy to have a camera along as we strolled through Las Vegas in May.  We captured views of the city from The Stratosphere (and blurry shots of a couple of brave souls who were jumping from the top).  We snapped away during a rare rainstorm, and of course we took some selfies with signature Las Vegas sites (and sights) in the background.

In addition to the natural wonders and The Strip, the décor in this city was just dazzling, and we couldn’t help taking photos of the creative uses of bead curtains, string curtains, metal chain curtains, chandeliers, lanterns, and more as we strolled through the city.

The baseline level of visual stimulation is pretty high throughout Vegas, and perhaps no venues are more saturated with light and sound than casinos, so it’s no surprise that enterprising designers turn to products with wow! factor to spare when they dress these areas for success.

Ink + Bead Curtains = Fabulous

Starlight Tattoo in Mandalay Bay is eye catching for sure, with hip artists and ink-in-progress visible from the casino floor.  What caught our eye, though, was the telltale sparkle of bead curtains inside.

bead curtains in tattoo parlor in Las Vegas.

Using an iridescent bead curtain as a divider between the retail area and the tattoo studio, Starlight Tattoo combined an upscale vibe with functionality.  A custom look was as simple as cutting the bead strands to create just the right sized entrance into the tattoo studio.

Starlight Tattoo Las Vegas bead curtain entrance.

Metal Chain Curtains Set this Lounge Apart

Creative space dividers turned out to be a hallmark of Las Vegas.  With so much emphasis on showing you the fun that you *could* be having if you entered this shop/restaurant/lounge/show/casino, semi transparent, flexible room dividers were everywhere in Vegas.  In addition to bead curtains, we saw metal chain curtains used to delineate spaces without obscuring them.

metal chain curtains at las vegas lounge.

This lounge is set off by curtains, but string curtains would have been a cost effective, flexible alternative, and the chandeliers inside are some of our favorites.

string curtains and chandeliers in las vegas casino

Chandeliers + Lanterns Attract Shoppers like Moths to Light

We saw some of our favorite lighting in the MGM Grand.  No surprise, really, that a Hollywood Motion Picture studio would know how to use light for the maximum desired effect.   Moravian stars and illuminated lanterns (these too) are an imaginative, cost-effective way to attract and entice shoppers, and they’re used really well in this shop entrance.

Moroccan lanterns in shop entrance in

Finally, one of the last shots that we took on our way to the airport was of this line of lanterns at Mandalay Bay.  The massive scale of the resort means that these lanterns are h-u-g-e, but we could totally see the concept adapted as a poolside focal point or a line of backyard lighting that’s just right for summer entertaining.

Moroccan lanterns at Mandalay Bay.

We truly loved our trip to Las Vegas, and the fact that we may have looked like super tourists as we did the aerial head swivel, taking it all in, was a small price to pay for the chance to see so much design fabulousness in one place.

We love to play “get this look” with our clients, so if you’re inspired to try one of these innovative concepts but need a little help figuring out just which bead curtains to try, or how many metal chain curtains you need, or which chandelier is perfect for your event, give us a call at 1-928-855-6075.  Our customer service folks know our products well, and they can’t wait to talk to you about how to make the most of your space, budget, and vision.  And once you figure out what you need, it’s usually possible for us to ship it within days to your location because we stock most of our merchandise on site in our large warehouse.




Bead Curtains and Bead Strands .

Bead Curtains, Crystal Columns, and Overall Fabulousness in Las Vegas

Bead Curtains and Bead Strands .

The Bead Curtain Capital of the World

There are few places that specialize in over the top dazzling design the way that Las Vegas, Nevada does, and we couldn’t help but photograph some of the eye-popping displays of bead curtains, crystal columns, crystal ceiling curtains, and so many more bling intensive design features on a recent trip to the city.

bead curtains and crystal ceiling drapes.

The Cosmopolitan took the prize for sheer bead-to-the-square-foot concentration with what we think is best described as an art installation of beadwork.   The centerpiece of the casino lobby holds a bead feature that combines crystal ceiling drapes, crystal columns, and bead curtains in a stunning display of sparkling fabulousness.

Using lighting in combination with iridescent beads, the color of the entire installation can be changed easily, matching the look of this art installation to events, moods, etc.  We are partial to pink…

bead curtains and crystal columns.

This closeup of one of the curtains shows how bead strands that include larger pendants can create a rich look and texture.  Raindrop curtains are just one option to create this effect on a budget.  Again, the light pink color is an effect produced by lighting ~ these iridescent curtains can be turned any color simply by gelling the lights that strike them.

bead curtain at Las Vegas hotel.

This view of a portion of the installation from the bottom looking up gives a sense of the height, imagination, and vision in this symphony of beads.  Crystal columns in combination with custom bead curtains and crystal ceiling curtains really make the sky the limit, in terms of both height and creativity.

crystal columns and ceiling drapes.


If you love the look of this beaded art installation and want to try it on a smaller scale at your next event ~ or to enlarge it to fill an even bigger space ~ we can help.  From supplying custom ordered bead curtains, drapes, and columns in any length and almost any style to helping you figure out exactly what you need to get the look you want, our customer service folks are experts.  They can reach out and touch our huge array of in-stock products, and they can help you assess how custom orders might fit into your event plan as well.  Give us a call at 928-855-6075 and let us help you make your next event as fabulous in real life as it is in your head.

Image Source:  Hamilton Photography

Interview: Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs, Part Deux

Sarah had too much awesomeness for one post, so we’re back with the second installment of our interview with her today.  Sarah is the founder and lead designer of Annapolis, Maryland based Intrigue Designs, one of the premier event design firms on the East Coast.  She plans gorgeous weddings and events at some of the most exclusive venues in the area, and we’re really thrilled to bring you her thoughts from behind the scenes in the event industry.

So without further ado, let’s get to Sarah’s thoughts on all things event related.

One of the things that sets A List event designers apart is the fact that they have a signature style.  Each event is unique, but there are stylistic elements that are taken to the next level by the best designers.  Events by Intrigue Designs are “often recognizable by the abundance of blooms.  Our style is full and lush.  Our centerpieces often have so many blooms the design spills over the end of the container and rests gracefully on the table.”

That combination of luxurious fullness and romance is really a hallmark of Intrigue Designs.  This gorgeous table includes tiers of natural elements in abundance ~ from blooms, branches, and grapevine poms to moss and suspended orchids.

We asked Sarah to take us through her thought process as she arrives at one of her favorite venues with a new bride.  Her answer speaks volumes about how she keeps her designs fresh from event to event ~ and helps explain why she’s one of the most sought after designers in her area.

“I LOVE this question.  Part of the excitement I have when working with brides is understanding the vision and bringing the dream to life.  While I am meeting with my client or walking the venue, my focus is on ways I can surprise and excite my couple.  I am looking at the overall space and imagining my client stepping into the room and hearing an audible gasp as the finished design is revealed.”

We’re guessing that Sarah got that “audible gasp” when she revealed this space to her bride.  We gasped a little, too, when we saw this innovative use of chandeliers to create cascading florals with candlelight glowing inside suspended glass globes.

Image Source:  Hamilton Photography
Image Source: Hamilton Photography

One of the questions that we hear often from brides is simply why they should spend the money to hire a pro.  We think that Sarah’s answer is spot on, especially based on our experience photographing weddings with and without event designers.  Long story short, no designer = stressed out bride/mother.  On the other hand…

“Working with a professional event designer allows the host to enjoy the event and partake in all of the grandeur and styling that is brought to life by the designer.  As a host, part of the fun is to be present at the event and mingle with guests knowing that the event will be an incredible experience for everyone involved.”

Because really, would your mom want to be schlepping around behind the scenes and risk missing this moment?

Image Source:

Image Source:  Hamilton Photography

For those considering a career in event design, Sarah has this advice:

“For those dreaming of a career as an event designer, I highly suggest studying under the leaders in the wedding industry.  The best designers in the country have learned the art of event design by trial an error, and many of them are offering workshops, classes, and seminars to help share their knowledge and experience with budding designers.  There is no need to learn the hard way when so many incredible opportunities are available to you.”

Sarah didn’t mention her own workshops, but we can’t help but let you in on *that* little industry secret.

Finally, knowing that Sarah is a loyal ShopWildThings customer, we had to ask what products she loves and what she *wishes* we had for her.  “The string columns are my favorite ShopWildThings item.  They are versatile, easy to hang and easy to care for.”  As for the product on her wish list, she “would love a series of suspended pieces for making floral chandeliers.  Pieces that are designed specifically to hold floral foam rings or floral raquets with oasis foam.  Currently I use a candle chandelier purchased from your company years ago.  It has been the best option, but I would love to have more options.”

We do love what she’s done with our chandeliers, but we’re even more pleased to hear what an established pro *wishes* ~ food for thought as we consider what new products to bring to our warehouse.  Or to create.

Want to see those suspended florals up close?

We hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to know a little more about Sarah, about Intrigue Designs, and about what goes on behind the scenes to produce the gorgeous photographs that you’ve seen of luxury events.  We love working with talented pros like Sarah, and we pride ourselves on getting you the best quality product that is just right for the job you need to do.  If you’re not sure exactly what you need, call us at 1-928-855-6075 and talk to one of our friendly, on-site customer service folks.  They can help you figure out just what you need and how to get it to you on time for your next event.