bead curtains and custom chandelier

Custom Chandeliers and Beads Bedazzle Patrons at Lyric Opera of Chicago Wine Auction

We often have the pleasure of being blown away by what our customers create with our products.  Many worthy organizations kick off the new year with lavish events, and we haven’t seen many that are more fabulous than this recent Wine Auction supporting the Lyric Opera of Chicago.

We are honored to help designers bring the bling for galas and major events like this one, and we just LOVE seeing a win-win finished product:  an elegant event for patrons and a successful event that supports the arts.

You might wonder how much “stuff” it takes to create an event on this scale.  Many designers work their entire careers to get to this level of event, and when they do, it makes for some really fun bling shopping.  Because to set a scene like this…

It takes some serious decor.  The team that transformed this (already amazing) space into the gala venue that you see in these gorgeous photographs worked with something like….

We can fill orders on that scale (and we do it all the time) because we have a real, physical warehouse with tons of in-stock products and real, live customer service folks who love beads as much as you do.

So we provide the hassle-free bead and decor connection, and you’re free to create custom chandeliers like this unbelievable one that serves as a focal point for the entire affair.  Or, you can choose from our huge range of in-stock of chandeliers that are ready to jazz up your event on a moment’s notice.

Because when you can create show-stopping stages like, um…  Well, like this one…  You want a product source that you know you can count on.

Let’s face it — the people who attend a gala that supports the opera have seen a show or three.  And wowing them takes a little something extra.  We think this event succeeded in spades, by the way.

Whether your next event seats 1000 well heeled patrons of the arts or 250 of your closet friends and family, we would love to help you find the perfect decor pieces to make it fabulous.  Call us at 928-855-6075 and talk to a real, live person who can help you figure out exactly what you need and how many days it will take to ship from our warehouse to your venue.


New Glitter Chandelier Ornaments | Bling on a Budget

If you’ve been drooling over the brilliant chandeliers that top designers use to transform tents and convention centers, but you find them a little spendy for your LO’s 5-year-old birthday party…

If you’ve got a glitter loving mama-to-be on your hands, and tissue poms are just a little to sparkle-less for her baby shower…

We have a solution that you’re going to love, at a price that you *and* your wallet will appreciate.

We’re thrilled to introduce our new BFF decor solution:  The glitter chandelier ornament.  They come in silver glitter and gold glitter versions, and in several sizes ~ and best of all, they give the effect of a fab chandelier (or several of them) without eating your entire decor budget in one bite.

hanging gold glitter chandelier ornament

Source: ShopWildThings

These glittering ornaments give the effect of real chandeliers, right down to the flames, and they are covered in a dense coating of glitter that will sparkle and shine at your next event.  Whether it’s a pink and gold birthday party, or a fairy tea at your home.  How perfect would a gold and sliver glitter fleur de lis or two look suspended over this fabulous fairy tea party?  (We’re pretty enamored of the light strands, too.)

gold glitter chandelier ornaments at fairy tea birthday party

Source: Hostess with the Mosses with photography by Jenisse Photography

Glitter ornaments are also a great way to give the effect of a real chandelier at a little girl’s fairy tale princess birthday party.  With options priced at less than $20, these ornaments are affordable ~ and they’re also reusable, fold flat for storage, and frankly just offer a great all-around value for party planning.

We know that you’ll find a million uses for glitter chandelier ornaments at your next event ~ whether it’s a darling girl’s birthday party, a bridal or baby shower, or a wedding reception.  We’d love to see what *you* do with this fabulous new product ~ shoot us a picture, and you just might see your soiree featured on our Facebook page and here on our blog.

Layered Table Lighting in High-Low Centerpieces | Creating Elegant and Upscale Tablescapes

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of high-low centerpieces.  If you’re not convinced, take a gander at this photograph of another jaw-dropping Tamara Wendt Design wedding reception featuring particularly effective tablescapes.  Her tables integrate tall, medium, and small layers of light to create a striking display at each table and an integrated scene in the whole room.  In a historic venue or an elegant home, this centerpiece style strikes just the right note, fitting perfectly with the surroundings while also marking the day as thoroughly special.

One of the (many) things that we adore about high-low centerpieces is that they are so easily scalable, adaptable, and affordable.  You can seat your guests at tables of different lengths without having any issues of symmetry.  You can incorporate personal pieces without having to purchase scads of precisely matching anything.  And you can add flowers in whatever quantities and arrangements your budget permits, while using your designer’s warehouse of design staples to create an affordable base of lanterns, candelabras, votives, and wine stem vases.  Designing the mantle, as Tamara Wendt did in this gorgeous wedding reception, adds glamour and a finished look to the entire room.  At the same, time, if you’re budget is not quite so luxurious, focusing on more candles, fewer blooms, and tables only is very effective.

Incorporating both round and rectangular tables that go from day to night is seamless with these high low centerpieces that showcase both blooms and candles.  We love the unique glass vase on this round table, the dripping pearls and beads, the votives, and the brooch-embellished cylinder candle vases.  Just the right mix of pearls, sparkles, and blooms for this soft, historic venue.  To increase the effectiveness of the centerpiece without increasing the cost, build it atop a simple display mirror to get more bang for your bloom and candle buck.

Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering for you closest friends, a gala for 1000, or something in between, we love the look and the flexibility of high-low centerpieces.  We can’t thank Tamara Wendt Design enough for sharing her creativity with us.  We always get a little giddy when shipping out her pieces, knowing that we’ll see top-notch results soon.   All of the weddings and events designed and coordinated by Tamara Wendt are produced by A One Event Rental.


Outdoor Lighting | The Key to Dramatic Receptions

Indoor-outdoor fusion is here to stay.  With everything from cozy outdoor living rooms where patios used to be to high tech outdoor lounges that are becoming standard in executive homes, we think this trend is simply a case of people’s knowing a good things when they see it.  Seamless indoor-outdoor transitions are a trend with staying power in wedding receptions as well, and the #1 key to making your outdoor event space a natural extension of your indoor areas is the lighting ~ backed up by fabulous decor that bridges the gap between your event spaces.

outdoor lounge with lanterns and garden stools

Source: Colin Cowie

We are totally digging this oceanside retreat.  It’s hard to top the natural scenery, so a great designer accents the space’s best feature ~ the ocean ~ to create an integrated indoor-outdoor space.  Get this look with garden stools and hanging lanterns, grab a martini, and relax with your fabulous view of Mother Nature’s glory.  Whether you’re creating a cocktail hour setting at your wedding or are lucky enough to have this view from your own home, we love the way that this design highlights the breathtaking natural setting.

paper lanterns and globe lighting at outdoor reception

Source: Colin Cowie

Perfect to set the mood for an outdoor party or wedding reception, paper lanterns lit with super safe LEDs fill a large space with warm light, adding a romantic element that is only enhanced as the night sky darkens.  Add string lights for a layered effect, and even a cloudy night feels like it is lit by stars.  We love the counterpoint of candles anchoring the centerpieces, too ~ totally romantic, totally doable, and scalable for any size budget and space.  (For even more reflected light, use mirrors under your centerpieces ~ the interplay of the candles and the paper lanterns will add drama and movement to your event.)

bead curtains, ostrich feathers, outdoor lanterns with candles, and LED lighting

Source: Colin Cowie

Finally, how much more glamorous an entrance can you make than one through a glittering bead (or mirror) curtain clipped to create a custom doorway/secret passage/door of awesomeness?  Simple, elegant candles in tall vases line the walkway, leading your guests into a dramatic space defined by fabulous lighting, fabulous feathers, and (of course) fabulous bead curtains.

We would love to give you some advice about how to make our indoor/outdoor decor solutions work for you.  Give us a call at 928-855-6075 and talk to one of our in-house customer service experts.  They work where our products are ~ right in our own warehouse, ready to ship ~ and they will be glad to help you figure out what products will give you the effect you crave on the budget you’re sticking to.

Design Dissection | Getting the Look You Love in a Tented Ceremony

This Palm Beach tented ceremony is the perfect chance to explore how top designers use a few key elements to create the ultimate Wow! factor for their clients ~ and to figure out how you can, too.

If you’re new to wedding planning (or to being a bride) a tent can be a scary concept.  A tent generally arrives as a set of large, white surfaces that need total transformation.  In the hands of someone like Colin Cowie, this tented tabula rasa is an ideal venue for constructing a setting that is all about the bride and groom, their location, and their aesthetic.

In this luxury Palm Beach wedding, Colin Cowie brought enough of the tropics into the tent to meld the inside and the outside into one seamless wedding venue, while including glamorous signature details that are unique to this couple.

In particular, swagged neutral fabric and a row of chandeliers on the ceiling set the stage for a wedding that is in tune with its location.  With the addition of these design staples, the tent ceiling has simply disappeared, and a totally custom wedding venue has emerged in its place.

Colin’s creative use of shepherd’s hooks, grapevine, and lanterns delineates an upscale aisle with a touch of romance.  And since there are so many chairs needed to accommodate the guests at this couple’s ceremony, he’s transformed the chairs into art pieces as well.  We adore the layering of different styles of chair covers, and we swooned over Colin’s use of chair sashes over the backs of many of these charivari chairs, with embellishments that are tiny works of art.

Wherever your tented wedding and/or reception will take place, we suggest taking a page from the Colin Cowie play book as you transform your tent into an extension of the landscape, only better (and more comfortable).

If you’re still a bit nervous about what to do with that broad expanse of white tent, give us a call at 1-928-855-6075, or shoot us an email at  We have a team of customer service folks who know how to get the best value from your design budget, and we can ship the decor items that you need directly from our large warehouse in just days.

Rustic Chic Wedding | One of Our Favorite Event Designers Combines Burlap, Chandeliers, and More

Our Facebook newsfeed has been buzzing with some of Tamara’s Wendt’s fall and winter wedding goodness, and we will be treating you to glimpses of her work often in the coming months.

One of our favorite looks right now is the rustic chic wedding that combines natural textures like burlap and jute, simple florals, candlelight, and upscale touches like crystals and chandeliers for elegant receptions that are not the least bit fussy.  No one does this look better than Tamara.

This high-low centerpiece combines natural and rustic elements with upscale blooms for a look that is rustic and sophisticated.  We love the dramatic height that Tamara brings to the table with floral branches and suspended glass votive holders.   With long tables, a few of these spectacular arrangements set the stage for your reception while making the most of your design budget.  Anchoring the tables with a burlap runner, lanterns, candles in a variety of votive holders (and some Mason jars), and moss creates a textured centerpiece that encourages your guests to chat by giving them unobstructed views at the table and beyond.

We had to include this shot to show the smaller chandeliers that Tamara brought in just for the wedding.  Definitely a luxe detail, but affordable when you’re working with a veteran event designer like Tamara, who has a stash of awesome staples ready to incorporate into your vision.

This detail shot shows how effective the high-low centerpiece really can be at combining natural elements with show-stopping height.  We love the combination of smooth stones, moss, mums, and a long burlap runnerCandle votives in a variety of heights add to the effect, especially as dusk settles.

We can’t *not* share one more awesome detail from this gorgeous wedding.  Tamara incorporated one of the venue’s signature decor pieces ~ a large wagon wheel chandelier ~ into her design while adding her own upscale touches to personalize it.  Suspended floral poms and lanterns add an elegant touch to this fixed piece, and further customize the venue for this wedding.

Our thanks go out to Tamara Wendt of Tamara Wendt Designs for continuing to be a loyal customer of ShopWildThings and for continuing to amaze us with her talent and creativity.  We appreciate the chance to feature photographs of Tamara’s work by Abbi Triphan Photography.  All of the weddings and events designed and coordinated by Tamara Wendt are produced by A One Event Rental.

Wedding Trends for 2015

We’re just back from a big industry conference, where we got to soak up insider knowledge on how to plan jaw-dropping (in a good way) events, and we can’t wait to share the latest and greatest in what’s hot for 2015 weddings. The Wedding Guys briefed us on the hottest trends for 2015, and we’re bringing our favorites to you, direct from some of the best names in high end event design.

One of the key trends that was highlighted by multiple event designers is the use of sophisticated lighting, including the use of color and pattern to evoke mood. Think layers of light, including chandeliers, strands, wall washes, and centerpiece lighting. LED floralytes are one of the most flexible ways to light your event details, and they add color simultaneously. Translucent acrylic bead curtains create points of sparkling light in any color, across a large space. Crystal drapes bring the same qualities to large overhead areas, and crystal columns delineate event spaces with light.

Oh, and did we mention chandeliers? There’s no trend that we love more than installing chandeliers in event spaces for creating customization and ambience with great value.

Custom graphic cutouts are another key trend for 2015. They are most effective when repeated across your event, from your paper (invitations, programs, and menus) through your dance floor lighting and on to wall decor.  We love the idea of inviting your guests with a butterfly…

And carrying that theme on through your event lighting and your custom (looking) butterfly graphic wall decor.

SWT Butterfly

Our adhesive graphic cut-outs offer you an off-the-shelf option that looks custom at a fraction of the price. To achieve a custom look on a DIY budget, we suggest choosing an off-the-rack cut-out you love, and repeating the design in your paper products like the invitation above.

With new technology making it possible to have almost any design cut for single or limited runs, there’s really nothing stopping you from having custom graphic elements at your celebration. We found this eclectic blog post inspirational for showing just what is possible ~ your imagination (and that of your designer) is the limit.

We would love to talk to you about how to incorporate the hottest trends for 2015 weddings and events into your celebration.  Our customer service specialists know our products, and because we ship almost everything directly from our warehouse of in-stock event staples, you’ll receive just the right event solutions quickly so that you can create your own fabulous celebration.  Give us at call at 928-855-6075 and let us show you why we are the choice of the best in the event design business.

How to Rock Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015 ~ Marsala Is Made for Accents

We’ve heard some raves ~ and some weeping and gnashing of teeth, let’s be honest ~ about this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, better known as Marsala.  It’s a warm reddish brown hue that has inspired strong reactions on both ends, and frankly, we get it ~ it’s not an *easy* color to imagine painting/wearing/incorporating into your home *at first blush* at least.

But frankly, we kind of love it, now that it’s had a little while to grow on us, and we’re ready to rock it in 2015.  And we are also ready to chat with you about the ways that you can incorporate it into your look this year ~ and beyond.

swatch of the Pantone color of the year for 2015 Marsala

Image Source:

With any “it” color that you truly love, one of the easiest ways to work it into your life is to paint with it.  We love Marsala in this light-filled living room, where loads of windows and plenty of white trim keep it from becoming overpowering.  It’s almost a neutral here, and it totally works.  If you are up for a project (don’t forget the primer!) and you love Marsala for more than this year’s trend, we think that it works especially well in large living and dining rooms, and in intimate spaces like bedrooms and powder rooms.


If you’re still dating Marsala and aren’t *sure* that you want to marry it, then we suggest working it with less permanent accents until you’re ready to commit.  In the boudoir, a mosquito net canopy is our favorite way to get the sexiness of the color and the spice of something new in the bedroom ~ without spending a fortune. Change this cream canopy out for one in Marsala, and we suspect that the budgetary objections from your significant other will be silenced quickly.  We should mention that this canopy was used on CSI:  NY, which is not a sexy show AT ALL.  Unless you like hot people in uniforms, in which case it could be a tiny bit sexy.  (If you’re more of a four poster type, try this canopy ~ also in Marsala ~ on for size.  It was not used in any  TV show that we know of ~ yet ~ but still could be a little (LOT) sexy.)


Another great option for trying on colors is a simple workhorse of portable design ~ the garden stool.  It’s a stool, it’s a chair, it’s an end table, and it’s about the best $100 dollars that you can spend if you want a flexible piece that rocks Marsala without breaking the bank.  We carry garden stools in just this shade, and we can’t help but mention that the latest edition of Southern Living named garden stools specifically as a must have decor workhorse for the new year. Whether you’re a design commitment phobe or just in need of a super flexible accent piece in this year’s hottest shade, a pair of Marsala garden stools might be the best choice for incorporating Marsala into your home this year because all that stands between you and the Next Color You Love is a can of spray paint.

Wondering how to use these garden stools we love so much?  Try them as accent tables… at about 1/3 the price of the ones shown:


Or use garden stools as seating that transitions from outdoors to indoors:


And did we mention that garden stools work as end tables that go from casual to elegant without missing a beat?

Whether you are already macking on Marsala or dipping a toe in its warm brown waters, we would love to help you find just the right accent for your home. Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and talk to one of our knowledgeable customer service folks about your needs. Chances are that you can get great advice about incorporating the latest trends into your home or event, choose your favorites from our large warehouse of in-stock decor, and be enjoying your new pieces in just a few days.

Brooches are the Perfect Embellishment for Wedding Cakes, Wedding Favors, and Picture Perfect Details

pearl and rhinestone brooch at wedding place setting

Image Source: Colin Cowie Weddings

What if we told you that we’ve found a flexible, affordable, GORGEOUS piece that is perfect for embellishing everything from candles to centerpieces to place settings to the wedding cake?  And that it works equally well with rustic chic and sleek modern wedding design?  And that we have lots of them in stock in serious quantities, ready to take your next wedding to the next level, finishing off the details with polish and a little sparkle?

Well, meet our new line of pearl and rhinestone brooches and buckles.  Whether you’re a wedding planner looking to build your stock of must haves, or a bride with a DIY bent and a talent for spotting the next fabulous thing, we know that you’ll love these awesome little beauties for everything from cake tables (and cakes) to candles, and beyond.

Add a brooch to a burlap wrapped candle holder, set it off with some glass votives, and you have a balance between natural neutrals and bling.  A burlap table runner anchors the tablescape while petite roses add a whimsical note ~ and a compelling fragrance.

brooch as embellishment for candle holders at a rustic chic wedding

Image Source: Mary Rosenbaum

One of the best attributes of these brooches is that they combine flexibility with functionality.  These diaphanous chair bows pair perfectly with brooches as accents, and you can repeat the geometric design in other key details for a pulled together look.

We love the vintage feel of this brooch accented cake.  If you’re not fortunate enough to have access to Grandma’s brooch collection, ours will substitute well.  You can add diamond wrap and strands of beads and pearls as well for a look that will wow your guests.

brooch encrusted wedding cake

Image Source: Cedarwood Weddings

And we were completely charmed by the creative ways that brides incorporate brooches into their wedding bouquets.  Whether you construct your bouquet *entirely* of brooches…

Or add a brooch to accent your bridesmaids’ bouquet handles, we love this look and know that your guests will, too.

wedding bouquet with brooch on the handle

Image Source: Heavenly Blooms Blog

Whether you’re planning far ahead or are pressed for time, we can absolutely help you get the perfect accessories in your hands in time for your wedding.  Call our expert customer service department at 928-855-6075, let them know what you need, or ask them questions and let them help you find the perfect wedding accessories.  In addition to having a large warehouse ready to ship your order immediately, our customer service department can literally reach out and touch our products to help you find exactly the right ones for your next event.

Ho, Ho, Holiday Orders | Details and Ideas to Make Your Holiday Bright

The countdown to Christmas is on at ShopWildThings!  We have been working closely with Santa and his elves to get you up-to-the-holidays access to our extensive inventory of high quality, in stock products.  Whether you need a little help with the hard-to-shop-for folks on your list, or you’ve got the Christmas party of the century to plan, we’re the go to source for event decor and unique gifts.  And we have an awesome team that is just waiting to help you get what you want, shipped where you need it, on time and without hassle.

If you have questions about order or shipping deadlines, you can read all about such things here.  Or, you can call and talk to our experts ~ they’ll be happy to help you make your list and check it twice.  928-855-6075 for real, live, experienced, knowledgeable customer service.

Here’s a bullet point rundown of our holiday ordering and shipping dates:

For all orders placed by December 12th ~ Regular UPS Ground service should get your packages anywhere in the US by the time that the Big Man in the Red Suit heads out.  (That’s December 24th, y’all.)

For orders placed after December 12th ~ Check out this handy map to figure out which shipping option you need to get your packages in time.  (Don’t forget to allow three business days ~ meaning Monday through Friday, not counting holidays or weekends ~ for us to process, fill, and very carefully pack your order in addition to the number of days for shipping that are listed on the map.)

If you have questions about what to order to thrill your guests, friends, and relatives, about what shipping option to choose, or about holiday orders in general, that’s what we’re here for.  Give us a call at 928.855.6075, shoot us an email at, or head over to the website to chat with a customer service representative.

We’ve also extended our return/exchange window so that you can order anytime in December and return or exchange your items by January 15th.  That policy is here if you’re a detail guy/gal.  But really our goal is for you to get unique, high quality holiday decor and gifts at great prices, shipped directly from our warehouse stock, just when you need it.  So call us if we can help.

And if you read ALL the way down to the end of this article, here’s a little treat that’s very popular at SWT right now:  Portable North Pole.  It’s the cutest little thing for everyone in your house who still hears the bell and believes in the magic of Santa Claus.