Image Source:  Hamilton Photography

Interview: Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs, Part Deux

Sarah had too much awesomeness for one post, so we’re back with the second installment of our interview with her today.  Sarah is the founder and lead designer of Annapolis, Maryland based Intrigue Designs, one of the premier event design firms on the East Coast.  She plans gorgeous weddings and events at some of the most exclusive venues in the area, and we’re really thrilled to bring you her thoughts from behind the scenes in the event industry.

So without further ado, let’s get to Sarah’s thoughts on all things event related.

One of the things that sets A List event designers apart is the fact that they have a signature style.  Each event is unique, but there are stylistic elements that are taken to the next level by the best designers.  Events by Intrigue Designs are “often recognizable by the abundance of blooms.  Our style is full and lush.  Our centerpieces often have so many blooms the design spills over the end of the container and rests gracefully on the table.”

That combination of luxurious fullness and romance is really a hallmark of Intrigue Designs.  This gorgeous table includes tiers of natural elements in abundance ~ from blooms, branches, and grapevine poms to moss and suspended orchids.

We asked Sarah to take us through her thought process as she arrives at one of her favorite venues with a new bride.  Her answer speaks volumes about how she keeps her designs fresh from event to event ~ and helps explain why she’s one of the most sought after designers in her area.

“I LOVE this question.  Part of the excitement I have when working with brides is understanding the vision and bringing the dream to life.  While I am meeting with my client or walking the venue, my focus is on ways I can surprise and excite my couple.  I am looking at the overall space and imagining my client stepping into the room and hearing an audible gasp as the finished design is revealed.”

We’re guessing that Sarah got that “audible gasp” when she revealed this space to her bride.  We gasped a little, too, when we saw this innovative use of chandeliers to create cascading florals with candlelight glowing inside suspended glass globes.

Image Source:  Hamilton Photography
Image Source: Hamilton Photography

One of the questions that we hear often from brides is simply why they should spend the money to hire a pro.  We think that Sarah’s answer is spot on, especially based on our experience photographing weddings with and without event designers.  Long story short, no designer = stressed out bride/mother.  On the other hand…

“Working with a professional event designer allows the host to enjoy the event and partake in all of the grandeur and styling that is brought to life by the designer.  As a host, part of the fun is to be present at the event and mingle with guests knowing that the event will be an incredible experience for everyone involved.”

Because really, would your mom want to be schlepping around behind the scenes and risk missing this moment?

Image Source:

Image Source:  Hamilton Photography

For those considering a career in event design, Sarah has this advice:

“For those dreaming of a career as an event designer, I highly suggest studying under the leaders in the wedding industry.  The best designers in the country have learned the art of event design by trial an error, and many of them are offering workshops, classes, and seminars to help share their knowledge and experience with budding designers.  There is no need to learn the hard way when so many incredible opportunities are available to you.”

Sarah didn’t mention her own workshops, but we can’t help but let you in on *that* little industry secret.

Finally, knowing that Sarah is a loyal ShopWildThings customer, we had to ask what products she loves and what she *wishes* we had for her.  “The string columns are my favorite ShopWildThings item.  They are versatile, easy to hang and easy to care for.”  As for the product on her wish list, she “would love a series of suspended pieces for making floral chandeliers.  Pieces that are designed specifically to hold floral foam rings or floral raquets with oasis foam.  Currently I use a candle chandelier purchased from your company years ago.  It has been the best option, but I would love to have more options.”

We do love what she’s done with our chandeliers, but we’re even more pleased to hear what an established pro *wishes* ~ food for thought as we consider what new products to bring to our warehouse.  Or to create.

Want to see those suspended florals up close?

We hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to know a little more about Sarah, about Intrigue Designs, and about what goes on behind the scenes to produce the gorgeous photographs that you’ve seen of luxury events.  We love working with talented pros like Sarah, and we pride ourselves on getting you the best quality product that is just right for the job you need to do.  If you’re not sure exactly what you need, call us at 1-928-855-6075 and talk to one of our friendly, on-site customer service folks.  They can help you figure out just what you need and how to get it to you on time for your next event.

Interview: Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs

If you love pretty pictures and you’re not on Instagram, get there asap, and follow Intrigue Designs.  Sarah Campbell is Intrigue Designs’ founder and lead designer, and the images that she posts just leap out at us ~ she has a way with florals and décor that we adore.

We’ve already showed you just a few of the images that made us fall in love with her, and now we’re thrilled to bring you an interview with one of the East Coast’s premier event designers (not to mention a loyal ShopWildThings customer).

We love to hear about hot design trends from the people who are setting them, and Sarah’s work is always fresh and beautiful.  Here’s what she has to say about what is hot right now:

“This year we are seeing lots of garden designs ~ weddings with lush garden greens, English Garden Roses, and classic furniture styles.  This garden look has been especially popular at suburban and country venues.”

For those who are combining indoor and outdoor areas or who want to bring the natural world into their receptions, we have to share one of our favorite looks from Intrigue Designs’ portfolio ~  floral columns:

Sarah says that she is “itching to design an event with custom floral walls covering all four walls of the ballroom.  I want to bring a room to life by covering the walls in layers of fresh blooms, creating a new environment in the space.  There is something truly incredible about being surrounded by flowers.”

For brides who are stretching a more modest budget, Sarah has this advice:  “Less is more.  When working on a budget, start by eliminating the items in your wedding that may not be top priorities.  The more items you can eliminate, the more you will be able to invest in your décor if that is your priority.  In the event that you want a wedding that looks like it belongs in the pages of your favorite bridal magazine, but don’t have the budget to bring the dream to life, I always suggest trusting your designer.  Your designer can guide you in a direction that will maximize your floral and décor investment.”

On the other hand, Sarah does have a chance to work with brides who have sky-is-the-limit budgets as well.  In those situations, Sarah can really unleash her artistic side “without feeling restricted or confined by a number.  The one area I like to splurge on when this is the case is suspended florals.  I love to dazzle the room with floral chandeliers, suspended candles, and creative elements that we can use to add drama and style to the ceiling.”

Need a visual?  How about this one that shows branches, cascading florals, and suspended glass teardrop votives.

We kind of think that the images in this post answer our next question, but we asked it anyway: What are the top reasons to work with an event design specialist?  Sarah gave us a little peek inside the profession and how hiring an expert benefits the bride.

“Event designers have a unique ability to look at the space as a whole.  We will assess everything from floral design and table linens to guest comfort and flow.  When paired correctly, all of these details can be incredible, and it is our job to know and understand how each of these elements works together.”

We learned so much from Sarah that it’s really too much for one post, so we’ll have to ask you to “stay tuned” for more of Sarah’s expert advice in our next post.  In it, we’ll let you know a little about Intrigue Designs’ signature style and creative vision, Sarah’s wish list for a design product that *should* exist, advice for aspiring event designers, and of course her favorite ShopWildThings product.

In the mean time, we hope that you’ve been inspired to try something new, to unleash your own creativity, and to follow Intrigue Designs on Instagram, where Sarah posts her latest events.


Custom String Columns = High Impact Aerial Décor

If you love over-the-top fabulous décor, chances are good that you already watch the heavy hitter awards shows on TV.  We’d like to suggest that you add some top shelf kids’ versions to your inspiration list, like Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards.  The kids’ awards shows are less bling-y ~ but every bit as creative ~ as the Emmys, Oscars, and Academy Awards, and they make great inspiration pieces whether you’re planning for littles or for adults.

This string column intensive set is an awesome, adaptable idea for a birthday party, bar mitzvah, or other kid-friendly festivity.  And if you’ve got an adult event that needs a little something extra above, you can use this idea, too ~ fill the air with string columns or even with beaded crystal columns for visual interest that is fabulous AND extremely cost effective.

custom string columns as chandeliers.

This set features custom string columns and elaborate lighting ~ it’s TV after all.   (Hint:  Those lime green string columns aren’t lime green in real life, and they might have been pink or purple  just before and just after this shot was taken.)

If you want a TV-worthy effect but don’t quite have a TV-sized lighting budget, you can also get a similar look by ordering custom string columns or in-stock string curtains.  Both are available in great colors and can be trimmed to the lengths that suit your theme and your venue.  The main difference between our custom string columns and our in-stock string curtains is that the curtains are panels in set lengths and colors, while our columns are entirely custom in size and color.  Both look great as backdrops or suspended above your event, and we think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised about how much bang you can get from your design buck with these high quality, reusable products.

If you love this look but need some help to get started, give us a call at 1-928-855-6075.  Our customer service folks would love to guide you toward the best products for your event, on your budget.  And it’s hard to beat talking to people who can reach out and touch our pieces, since they work right in our giant warehouse and handle real décor pieces every day.




metal lanterns floating on pool at wedding reception.

Lanterns for All Seasons: Using Metal Lanterns and Paper Lanterns as Event Design Staples

We are always on the lookout for talent and general fabulousness in our industry, and Instagram has treated us to lots of gorgeous photographs of this lovely lady’s work recently.  Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs has grown her Annapolis, MD-based firm (we love fellow Maryland girls) into an event and floral design powerhouse that serves the entire East Coast.   She’s fueled her expansion the old fashioned way ~ by focusing on high quality work, inspired creativity, and consistency.

Meet Sarah, surrounded by paper lanterns and a table that’s perfectly pretty in pink.  We’re going to show you just a tiny taste of her work with a two products that we particularly love:  metal lanterns and paper lanterns.

We’ll be showcasing a full interview with Sarah in a few weeks. Whether you’re an established pro or an up and coming designer looking for tips from the best, we think that you’ll love learning how Sarah has built her business into one of the most sought after floral and event design firms in her area by building a brand that her clients trust with their wedding days.

Event Design Staple:  Metal Lanterns

If you’re just building your stash of event design staples, or if you’re looking for a budget-friendly piece to add to your arsenal, small and medium sized metal lanterns are great choices.  They are so useful as accents in the focal point areas of a wedding reception, like the gift and cake tables, and they also make very cost-effective bases for pretty centerpieces.  This nautical themed wedding makes great use of lanterns and a pretty navy, gold, and white color scheme.  Lanterns go so well with many themes and can be transformed completely with colored candles, a few big blooms, votives, and accessories.

This detail image shows how a well chosen accessory, like this nautical knot, can bring in the event theme in a way that makes the centerpiece completely custom to the particular event, while the lantern is a staple that can be reused in so many different ways.

If your venue happens to have a large water fountain or a pool, Sarah’s lovely idea to float lanterns is one of the prettiest that we’ve seen.  Wrapping each candle in a bit of jute twine and embellishing each floating vignette with a succulent and a bloom shows how Sarah’s eye for detail really sets Intrigue Designs’ work apart.

Event Design Staple:  Paper Lanterns

Finally, we had to show you one more stunning reception featuring paper lanterns along with floral columns.  Simply lovely.  The paper lanterns help to transform the event space, focusing attention away from the ceiling fans and trusses by filling the air space with subtle focal points, and the floral columns bring a note of luxury ~ and aroma ~ that guests will remember for years.  (We even spy a few larger traditional lanterns in the background.)

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this tiny taste of Intrigue Designs’ work, and we look forward to featuring Sarah and her company here again soon.  If you love these looks but need a little help to figure out exactly which ShopWildThings products will get you the look that’s in your mind’s eye on the budget that you’re working with, give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and talk to one of our in-house customer service experts.  They will be more than happy to help you figure out what, how many, and when to order some fabulous pieces to make your next wedding or event completely memorable.


Oops! Tamara Wowed Us Again ~ With Fabulous Event Design

Tamara Wendt has done it *again* ~ She’s has captivated us with gorgeous images of a wedding that combines whole room wow! factor with stunning details, *and* she has maximized her bride’s budget in the process.

Sustainable Décor = Reusable Décor

The image above is a genius combination of reusable décor staples (chandeliers, bead strands, diamond wrap, and even lanterns) interspersed with high impact florals and an upscale blush and black color scheme to create a reception that strikes just the right notes of elegance with a side of bling.

Working with a top firm like Tamara Wendt Design gives you access to a professional’s store of great staples, and there’s no sweeter sweet spot for sustainability and affordability than using quality pieces that can be reinvented, event after event, and look totally unique each time.  In the image below, Tamara has combined candelabras, bead strands, bling wrap, brooches, and mercury glass votives to create a long high-low centerpiece that is at once perfectly customized to this event *and* comprised mostly of pieces that can be used again and again.

This detail shot shows just how much bang you can get for your buck with affordable florals in the hands of a talented designer.  We love the mix of clear and mercury glass votives, the bling wrap, the brooches, and the scattered diamond confetti ~ all sitting on a rectangular mirror that makes the most of the bling and candlelight.

We’re a sucker for first dance photographs anyway, and we love the way that the couple is accented by several diamante duo chandeliers added to the venue’s hip mix of existing  fixtures and exposed structural framework.

And the cake table is a great place to go all out because it’s such the center of attention both for pictures and for your guests.  Tamara’s cake table sparkles because she has used just the right combination of diamond wrap and votives to combine bling and romance.  (Pssst…  We’re having a HUGE sale on diamond bling wrap right now, too!)

If you’ve booked your first truly high end wedding and need a little help figuring out the what and the how many of perfect event décor, or if you’re adding to your warehouse of event staples, give our friendly customer service folks a call, and they will help you get just what you need, when you need it ~ 1-928-855-6075.  Almost everything is shipped from our stash of in-stock products, and we can help you figure out the most economical way to get your supplies in time for your next wow! worthy soirée.


chandeliers at Colin Cowie wedding

Chandeliers as Focal Points for Major Events

From outdoor galas to tented receptions to hotel ballrooms, we are always on the lookout for just the right new pieces to unleash our event designers’ creativity.  And when you’re fortunate enough to work with the best in the event industry on a regular basis, and you provide quality products that work, they in turn show you new ways to use your design staples.  For instance, Colin Cowie never ceases to wow us with stunning affairs that take elegance to the next level.  The repeating line of chandeliers adds color and interest to a tent that has truly been transformed.

chandeliers at Colin Cowie wedding

Source: Colin Cowie Celebrations

If you’re working in a space with existing fixtures, or if you want a tiered effect using our chandeliers, this fabulous trick adds interest without breaking the bank:  add string curtains or square crystal columns to change the look completely.  In case, you know, Oprah (squeal!) called and asked you to design a major event for her.  Because Colin Cowie might be busy, and you just never know.

chandeliers at Oprah's 25th Anniversary

Source: Colin Cowie Celebrations

One of the most versatile and efficient products that we carry is an extensive in-stock line of collapsible chandeliers.  Our large Gypsy chandeliers come in a great range of colors, and they collapse for storage and transport, and they work suspended as traditional chandeliers, or sitting atop tables, or…  Let’s just say that we love these chandeliers so much that we bought out the factory just so that we could offer them exclusively to our customers.  Because they  really are limited only by your creative vision.

chandeliers at luxury event

Source: Colin Cowie Celebrations

Whatever event you’re designing, we know that great lighting is worth its weight in gold and really sets apart the truly fabulous from the kinda sorta.  Our chandeliers (including large collapsible Gypsy chandeliers that we are *so* excited to offer) will fill out your lighting arsenal and give you an edge as you compete against the best event designers in your area.  If you’re wondering what you need, or how many to order, or if you just need someone to hold your hand a little while you take the plunge into major event design, call our on-site customer service representatives at 1-928-855-6075.  They can reach out and touch our stock, guide you to just the right pieces, and be sure that everything arrives in your hands in time for your next event.


chandeliers and lighting at luxury event

Composite Chandeliers and Bar Pod with Bead Curtain Walls: We’re in Love with Fauxcades

One of the absolute best ways to understand what goes into inspired event design is to see before and after images of the venue.  For many event designers, a large space with plenty of infrastructure (outlets, framing, etc.) ~ and not much else ~ is an inspiring canvas on which they can create an incredible and truly unique event, like this 50th Anniversary Party for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department designed by the inimitable Fauxcades of Dallas.

chandeliers and lighting at luxury event

Source: Fauxcades

Would you guess that the above picture was taken inside a tented reception at a Toyota dealership?  If so, you’re practically psychic.  If not, keep scrolling to find out how one of the South’s premiere design firms, Fauxcades of Dallas, set this scene inside a huge white tent.  Because let’s face it:  a tabula doesn’t get much more rasa than an outdoor tent, and yet tents are a favorite of event designers precisely because they sky is the limit when it comes to customization and uniqueness.

The Tent:  Before the Chandeliers

Here is the tent (yes, the same one as shown above) with a composite oversized chandelier ready to install.  Notice that several of our chandeliers were combined to create each of the composite chandeliers like this one.

chandelier installation at major event

Source: Fauxcades

We love the creativity that comes into play in reimagining our staple pieces again and again.  That’s where a top shelf event designer and quality pieces that stand up to repeated use combine to produce high impact décor that maximizes the client’s budget.  You can see Fauxcades folks fine tuning one of the oversized chandeliers here.  Choosing clear or iridescent chandeliers maximizes their usefulness at event after event, since adding color is as easy as choosing the gels for your event lighting.  (You can see some of the “raw materials” ~ another chandelier ~ in the foreground of this photo.  That gives you an idea how easy it is to break down and store our chandeliers between events.)

crystal chandelier at luxury event

Source: Fauxcades

Sometimes you just want to kiss the photographer.  This shot shows perfectly the statement piece ~ a series of oversized composite chandeliers ~ as well as the lighting that will make them pop during an evening reception.

chandeliers at a major gala event

Source: Fauxcades

With the row of composite chandeliers installed in the tent, this iPhone pic shows how easy it is to change the color of an iridescent chandelier.

chandelier with event lighting to change color

Source: Fauxcades

Bar Pods with Bead Curtain Walls?   Make Ours A Double.

Meanwhile, Fauxcades had a little stroke of genius called a bar pod.  That just sounds fun, doesn’t it?  You can see the construction of bead curtain “walls” here.  Yet another inventive use of a reusable design staple that is easy to work with and quick to install.

bead curtains, event bar

Source: Fauxcades

The finished look is nothing short of amazing.  These bar pods make the bar a cool focal point without compromising their functionality, and they look pretty awesome, too.  (We love how they have shortened the bead curtains on the front to allow easy access.  Yet another way to take advantage of the easy customization factor.)

bead curtains

Source: Fauxcades

Fauxcades events never cease to bring the wow! factor, and we are delighted to be able to take you inside a tent transformation of this magnitude.

If you are contemplating your own fabulous event with a stark white tent as your starting point, we would love the chance to help you get the most bang for your design bucks.  We ship most products directly from our (kinda huge) warehouse, and we will be glad to help you figure out the details that will make your vision a reality.  We specialize in the what, how many, and how quickly can you get it to me questions.  Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and let our helpful customer service folks (based right here in our warehouse) be your guide to our thousands of in-stock, high quality products.

Burlap, Brooches, and Bling | Reception Tent as Outdoor Art

If you’re recently engaged (hello, Valentine!), perhaps you’re already considering what type of wedding venue will best accommodate your vision, your budget, and your guests on your big day.  We love the versatility of tented receptions, and we can’t wait show you how Tamara Wendt Design brings this neutral, natural look to an elegant indoor-outdoor reception.

As you can see in the photo above, Tamara softens the angular lines of the tent by adding swags of sheer white fabric draped from the ceiling.  These clever additions help make the structure of the tent disappear, while leaving the neutral background and the light that are among a tent’s best features.

High florals combine cascading blooms with tall branches for an appealing display that fills the large space, while burlap runners and table toppers combine with lower centerpieces, votives, and lanterns for a layered affect that pulls the room together without breaking the bank.  We love the look of burlap and brooches to tie the blingalicious votives together with the natural vibe of the florals and table linens.

This view of the reception tent shows what light strands and a well placed stunner of a chandelier can do to complete the tent’s transformation, and also the power of complementary centerpieces to unify the space without being too matchy-matchy.  The lanterns are a great design staple that your wedding planner has (or can add) to his or her stash of reusable decor pieces.

We have to show you how amazing this tent looked after the sun set.  The light strands and a single showstopper of a chandelier give the effect of a night sky.  We often see and admire long rows of chandeliers, but this look is also very effective at less cost.  Carefully arranging the light strands to draw the eye toward the main chandelier is an effective way to get the most out of your decor budget.  Another gorgeous wedding by Tamara Wendt Design.

Tent ceiling showing light strands and chandelier in bwSource:  Joshua Ford Photography

Tent transformations are among the most striking work that designers do, just because everyone has seen what a bare tent looks like, and so can appreciate what a talented designer like Tamara Wendt have really done when they completely transport you to another place and time inside a formerly plain white tent.

If you’ve loved this look but are at a loss to know where to start, call our super helpful, real, live customer service representative at 928-855-6075.  They are based in our warehouse, familiar with our inventory, and can recommend products, help you calculate how much you need of each “thing,” and generally help you get the look that you need on the budget that you’re sticking to.  Best of all, our products are in stock and ship directly from our warehouse, so once you place your order, you’ll know just when to expect all of your delicious goodies to arrive.

Beads Bring Fresh Look and Functionality to Luxury Events

We’ve admired Fauxcades for years, and we’re dying to show you a little behind-the-scenes awesomeness direct from some of Fauxcades‘ premier events.

When you’re planning an event in Texas, and especially if you’re designing for the Cattle Baron’s Ball in Dallas, it really is a go big or go home kind of thing.  I mean, when you’re supporting the American Cancer Society and your headliner is Kenny Chesney, you kinda need to be awesome.  Be awesome ~ check.

bead curtains at luxury event

Source: Fauxcades

The scale of the Cattle Baron’s Ball is a little hard to imagine if you haven’t been, and the sheer number of Texans who come out to support it is huge.  Fauxcades created these signature seating arrangements that take up relatively little space (you need those hardwood floors for dancing, y’all) but bring plenty of the wow! factor that Fauxcades is known for.   Using oversized banquettes and our bead curtains arranged in pairs, these vignettes break up the space without taking it over, and we are pretty much in love with them.  What a great way to add interest to the lounge areas without taking up more square footage ~ with reusable bead curtains that just happen to make great backdrops for pictures, too.

And speaking of beads…

chandeliers at open house

Source: Fauxcades

One of our favorite things ever is a good set of process photos, and these images really show how a composite chandelier can be created from standalone chandeliers in a variety of styles and sizes.  Shown here behind a low sofa at Fauxcades‘ open house, this statement piece is a striking backdrop for the low sofa, and it would serve so well as a scene setter at a large venue or as a focal point in a more intimate space.  We are even seeing dramatic wedding cakes suspended over chandelier arrangements like this one, created with a combination of chandeliers and crystal columns.

Here’s a closeup of that fab composite chandelier ~ see the crystal columns, swirl chandeliers, and column chandeliers?  Best of all, these chandeliers are staples as standalone pieces *and* as elements in larger composite arrangements.

crystal columns and bead chandeliers

Source: Fauxcades

We can’t resist slipping in one last shot from another Fauxcades event.  What a cool combination focal point and photo backdrop for this event entrance.  The industrial feel of the scaffolding balances nicely against the metallic spangle bead curtains for a look that is hip and modern without being cold.  And as with most of our pieces, the bead curtain is easy to transport, simple to hang, and efficient to store ~ because you *will* want to use it over and over, and our quality makes that possible for years to come.

mirror bead curtain

Source: Fauxcades

Our thanks go out to Fauxcades for sharing these images.  We look forward to featuring more of their work in the coming months ~ be on the lookout for one *amazing tent transformation* for a gala event.  When you have a designer with real creativity and a warehouse of design staples to work with, the sky truly is the limit for realizing your unique vision.

If you love these looks but aren’t quite sure which pieces you need to get started, or if you have a base of staples but need to take it to the next level with some fresh new pieces, pub-lease take advantage of our real, live customer service representatives.  They work within walking distance of our products, so they can help you figure out what you need, how many to order, and how many days it will take for everything to arrive at your location (usually in days, not weeks ~ an advantage of shipping directly from our gigantor warehouse).  Call us at 1-928-855-6075 and let us help you get just what you need to make your next event fabulous.


Our Chandeliers Featured at The Special Event 2015

We had such a fab time at The Special Event 2015! It’s always a great conference and a chance to see what’s hot in event design, to connect with many of the best event designers in the industry, and to continue to improve our customer service by seeing exactly what designers and planners are looking for in the new year.

This gorgeous simulated wedding reception hall showcases gorgeous silver chair covers, mirrored and metallic furniture, and dazzling square chandeliers.  This reception setup is exactly the type that is so flexible in terms of color and mood, too.  Lighting can completely transform the look, from event to event or even from moment to moment during the same reception.

We love seeing how fabulous event designers use our products in outside-the-box ways.  The large chandelier on the right side of this image is actually constructed of four white string curtains.  This image shows how color can transform an area completely, and why large, reusable pieces in neutral colors ~ like chandeliers and string curtains ~ pack such a powerful design punch.

We’re so proud of these exclusive new pieces ~ collapsible chandeliers that work equally well as hanging chandeliers or as inventive, reusable centerpieces.  They come in super versatile clear and also in vivid colors.  For brides who want a whimsical centerpiece that can be embellished with florals or stand alone, these are just hard to beat.  You can use them as building blocks for elaborate focal points, or as a great way to stretch your floral budget.

This fuchsia chandelier turned centerpiece is really a showstopper.  Again, we love the addition of a few florals, and we can think of so many ways to incorporate these at weddings and events.  And did we mention that they fold flat?  We’re still kind of marveling at that, tbh.

One of the most commented upon areas in all of this year’s conference was this outdoor bar.  The swagged chandeliers were a total wow, and the layers of light from chandeliers, candles, and mirrors combined a clean modern feel with just the right amount of romance.  And of course, you can’t go wrong with calla lilies and a few oversized engagement rings sprinkled around an open outdoor bar.

Whether you are looking too add to an enviable collection or to start your event design warehouse from scratch, The Special Event 2015 showcased some of the most versatile pieces in an event designer’s bag of tricks.  The knowledge and networking at the event are second to none, and the chance to see and touch décor pieces is one of our favorite little perqs.

If you are wondering how to get the most design from your dollars, our customer service reps would love to talk to you about our high quality, reusable, and, um, **fabulous** event pieces.  We ship from our huge warehouse of in-stock products, and we pride ourselves on getting you just what you need (even if you’re not quite sure what that is!) when you need it.  Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and let us help you translate today’s hottest trends into your next event plan.