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Chandeliers - Hanging Gardens

At ShopWildThings, we are a family business and we have A LOT of teachers in the family! Since we come from a background of BOTH education and business, it drives us INSANE when schools have to overspend in order to decorate their dances like Proms, Homecoming and so forth. Why should you pay DOUBLE for decorations when you can pay a reasonable price at ShopWildThings for decor that is actually nicer?!

For example, these oversized chandeliers are twice as expensive on another site, for a piece that’s 1/2 the quality.

Want to read more? Click on THIS LINK and see more photos and links to the products that will make your High School Dance Decor amazing.


Written By: Beth

Posted: 2017-02-28
Last modified: 2017-02-28

Beth is a mother of two with a flair for the dramatic rivaled only by that of her children. She loves the art in every day and appreciates the way that great design makes the world a more beautiful *and* a more functional place.

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