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At ShopWildThings, our mission is to bring beautiful and innovative decor solutions to our customers who decorate events, productions, retail and living spaces. We will cheerfully answer your calls, help with your concept, provide great product at a great price, and ship promptly from the vast inventory in our own warehouses. ShopWildThings is a family owned company, established in 1989. Buy from us with confidence. We understand that you need a source you can trust to deliver the right product at the right price at the specified time. Relax, you have found the premier location for beaded curtains and lighting on the Internet! We supply curtains to everyone! If you are decorating a room and need a bead curtain, this is the place! If you are a set decorator or event have found your source for great deals and the best quality available. We look forward to doing business with you! We handle every customer and every order with tender loving care and attention to detail. ShopWildThings is not a "drop-ship" depot. We'll handle your order with TLC. Our sales staff does not work on commission, so you will be dealing with real folks who want you to love what you get from us. You'll notice we're often imitated but never duplicated. No one can match our customer service or quality. We are confident that once you shop with us, you'll be back! ShopWildThings has supplied beaded curtains, chandeliers and decor to Universal Studios, Disney, David Tutera, Paramount, Warner Brothers, The Kennedy Center, Dreamworks, Sony, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, Harpo Studios, HBO, Better Homes and Gardens, Colin Cowie, HGTV, TLC, MTV, SHOP Etc. and leading special event designers, interior design companies, retail chains, hotels, casinos, and resorts. You have seen our beaded curtains and chandeliers in many, many motion pictures, television shows, music videos, commercials and magazines.

Bringing Sexy Back to the Bedroom
August 6, 2013

We *may* have spent a few hours (days) cleaning out our bedroom this week, fighting the tide of laundry (clean and unclean), kids’ toys, home decor fails, and other flotsam and jetsam from our lives that just seems to accumulate in our bedroom. Did we mention the lamp that doesn’t work? Yes, that was in there, too.

Our theory as to why the room that should feel most cozy and inviting actually feels like an auxiliary

Trend Spotting | All Eyes on Indigo
August 3, 2013

In a business where trends move quickly and staying on the cutting edge requires hard work and constant innovation, we have made a niche for ourselves by identifying the best new ideas in event and interior decor. When we add new products (and we’re always on the lookout for great new items), we look for great design (either as finished pieces or as building blocks for designers’ creative vision), staying power (nothing that will be passe in a year),

Is Your Little Girl’s Room Fit For A Royal? Perfect Princess Canopies
July 26, 2013

We know that the latest addition to the British Royal Family is George, but we can’t help dreaming a bit about rooms fit for a princess in light of all of the media coverage of William and Kate’s adorable little bundle.

Really, there aren’t too many projects that let us indulge our inner princess leanings the way that designing a little girl’s room does.  From choosing a color palette to putting the finishing touches on every nook and cranny, it’s

Are You Scared of This Event Decor Staple? Taking Baby Steps Into The World of Beads
July 14, 2013

We’ve been preaching the beauty of layered decor to enhance the luxurious feel of events from ceremonies to receptions to gala benefits, and today we want to talk about a specific and inexpensive way to add those layers.

If you’re searching for a staple decor piece that is super adaptable to any type of event, rolls of beads and bead strands are definitely worth a second look.  The simpler, smaller cousins of the high quality bead curtains that

Glass Balls Can Transform Your Indoors, Your Outdoors, and Your Decor Budget
July 4, 2013

We’re seeing decorative glass balls hanging everywhere… From celebrity hideaways to family homes and from living rooms to outdoor spaces, they look great interspersed with other decor or hung in layers to anchor a design. We’ve seen them filled with plants and candles, suspended individually and in strands, hanging inside and in the great outdoors. And we love them pretty much everywhere.

This bedroom shows off floating glass ball strands as a sexy focal point for a stylish,

How To Use LED Lighting Like A Pro | Flexible, High Impact Event Lighting on a Budget
June 20, 2013

We specialize in bringing the bling to weddings and events, so our sexiest products are often obvious showstoppers like brilliant crystal columns, sparkling bead curtains, and luxurious crystal ceiling drapes. These stunners are a little bit diva-ish in their insistence that all eyes turn to them, and we like them that way.

But we also like to feature the behind-the-scenes products that are favorites of industry insiders and event professionals because they allow the exciting features to shine.


Whether you are lucky enough to live in an oceanfront paradise, or you bring a seaside vibe to your home via well chosen candles and a white noise machine, burlap is an inexpensive fabric that evokes the feel of a coastal cottage on an inland budget. We’ve found a diverse array of projects that use burlap/jute in creative, interesting ways ~ at a variety of skill, time, and budget levels. And we love the way that all of them bring summer indoors.

One of our favorite DIY projects is this adorable craft ~ perfect for a bathroom, or really any little spot that needs a bit of personality. You can cover a canvas with jute (or cover an existing, less-than-swoon-worthy wall piece) and simply glue a starfish, seashell, or other simple cut-out on top. We can easily see these pieces done in sets of three using leftover decorator fabric, an extra pillowcase to coordinate with bed linens, or a bright solid piece of fabric for extra punch.  For a bit more depth, cover the square piece first in your design fabric, and then layer a piece of burlap with a cutout over top.

Another fairly easy craft project that brings a neutral beach detail to the guest bedroom is this adorable lamp shade done in burlap. Plain with a bit of contrasting twine, or jazzed up with ribbon or contrasting burlap mesh, this do-able DIY project is a hit.

While we’re on the topic of lamps, we swooned a bit at this lamp detail ~ another burlap covered shade, but with neutral felt details. Whimsical and also elegant. L-o-v-e.

If your DIY is currently overworked, a jute table topper is a quick and easy route to adding some beach charm to a guest room. Add a chunky pillar candle on a pedestal, and you’ve created a relaxing retreat.

And if you are up for a bit of a challenge, check out this tutorial to learn how to create a custom upholstered headboard that pairs a sophisticated, budget-friendly look with an unfussy beach vibe.

If you prefer arts to crafts, stenciling subway art onto burlap is a great way to add graphic interest and a message to curtains, cork boards, and everything in between.

Last but not least, burlap pennants are one of our favorite new products ~ these burlap pennants ~ pre-made jute triangles are just waiting to be stenciled. They’ll welcome the honeymooners to their seaside retreat, the family for a gathering, or just express your delight at being at the beach.

burlap pennants stenciled

Whether you’re redoing an entire home at the coast, or freshening up a corner of your home, burlap and jute are two fabrics that are inexpensive, easy to work with, and flexible enough to fit into a variety of design and life styles.

Deco Mesh DIY ~ Seasonal Wreaths Are An Up-Do for Your Front Door
June 10, 2013

When we happen across a DIY trend that is easy, affordable, and requires nothing much by way of special supplies, we have to dish, and deco mesh fits these criteria to a tee. It comes in every imaginable color, and we see it all over. One of the best uses we’ve been seeing in the past year or so is in custom wreaths ~ from over-the-top seasonal swags to monogrammed wreaths that can stay up all year.

With summer here

Does Your Wedding Need These Awesome Accent Pieces? Lanterns Bring The Light and The Look
May 31, 2013

From pastoral outdoor settings to upscale indoor venues, lanterns are one of the most versatile pieces of decor that we are seeing at weddings right now.  We love how versatile and environmentally friendly they are ~ they can go from anchoring your aisle to reception decor and then into your first home, or they can serve as thank you gifts for the people who made your day special.

But first and foremost, we love them because they simply look great.

Is Your Cake Table A Statement Piece? Making the Most of Your Decor Dollars
May 14, 2013

One of the biggest misconceptions in event planning ~ and really in life ~ is that those with plush budgets care less about value. We find that at every budget level, our clients are absolutely motivated to get the best value from the money that they spend.

A trend that we’ve been seeing for years that we think is especially powerful for those who want to get the best value for their decor dollars ~ which, again, we think is