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Beth is a mother of two with a flair for the dramatic rivaled only by that of her children. She loves the art in every day and appreciates the way that great design makes the world a more beautiful *and* a more functional place.

Chandeliers - Hanging Gardens
Prom Decor Made Easy – Decorations that Your School Can Use Again and Again!
February 28, 2017

At ShopWildThings, we are a family business and we have A LOT of teachers in the family! Since we come from a background of BOTH education and business, it drives us INSANE when schools have to overspend in order to decorate their dances like Proms, Homecoming and so forth. Why should you pay DOUBLE for decorations when you can pay a reasonable price at ShopWildThings for decor that is actually nicer?!

For example, these oversized chandeliers are twice as

Crystal Tree for a beach Wedding
How to Use Crystals & Chandeliers for a Beach Wedding
January 30, 2017

The key to getting the absolute most out of a stunning oceanfront view is in the ability of your design elements to hold their own against an expanse of sand, sun, and waves.

Emily Smiley of Emily Smiley Fine Weddings and Soirées has an impressive portfolio that demonstrates her ability to bring that unique balance to a variety of gorgeous event settings.

In this California beachfront wedding, jewel toned orchids, an ombré petal path down the aisle, and a single

Suspended Floral Candle Chandeliers
November 29, 2016

Think that you have to be a bazillionaire to have amazing Suspended Floral Chandeliers or Centerpieces at your Wedding? Not a chance! We have some great pieces that you can definitely afford. Our floral designers are absolutely nuts over our Candle Chandeliers and use them to add Florals all the time! Change the season, change the look with your choice of colors.

We’ve compiled a great collection of both photos and information to help make this idea your own. Head on

Major Event Branding and Design by David Stark Events and ShopWildThings
Event Branding Ideas
November 23, 2016

Event Branding can be a massive undertaking for many planner and designers. If your client is wanting a fresh decor idea that incorporates their branded content, look no further than ShopWildThings for help with your design. In this article, we explore how David Stark Events designed the word NOW out of our Shimmy Beaded Curtains!

Take a look at the full article and many, many more photos here:

Major Event Branding and Design by David

Centerpiece using a manzanita tree, fresh florals, crystal bead strands, and suspended candle holders.
What Event Decorating Supplies do You Need for a Centerpiece?
October 1, 2016

Click Here to see ideas on how to make a pretty centerpiece display for your Wedding or Upcoming Special Event. We show you exactly what Event Decorating Supplies you’ll need.

We’ll show you incredible photos and links to products you can order today, for a reasonable price.