Aerial Awesomeness: Chandeliers, String Columns, Hanging Floral & Beaded Backdrops!

Hanging Florals, Crystal Backdrops

Hanging Florals, Crystal & Beaded Backdrops

Weddings and events are generally held in large spaces that need lots of delicious decor to fill up the overhead areas. See our latest article full of links and photos that will show you different ways that you can create overhead magic using String Columns, Hanging Florals, Crystal Strands, Beaded Curtains and More. See it all right here!


Written By: Beth

Posted: 2017-02-10
Last modified: 2017-02-10

Beth is a mother of two with a flair for the dramatic rivaled only by that of her children. She loves the art in every day and appreciates the way that great design makes the world a more beautiful *and* a more functional place.

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