Will Your Dorm Room Have Style + Storage?

We don’t know of another time in your life when you can reinvent yourself as completely as when you go away to college. New town, new friends, new space, and new responsibilities — what better time to spend a little effort setting up your new room in a way that starts the school year off right? You need style, great use of space, and flexibility at a great price, and we have quite a few ideas to help you create a study-sleep-hang out space that you’ll be proud to show off.

Like this one. We love that this is clearly a real, functioning dorm room. It has a simple color scheme that isn’t too matchy-matchy, well divided spaces for sleeping and working, and chic accessories. The chandelier wall decals add visual interest and contrast against the dorm white walls, with nothing to annoy the fire marshal or the room checkout folks. A jigsaw lamp would be a perfect fit for this room, too.


This light, airy dorm room (who gets this kind of natural light in a dorm, anyway?) makes us want to study. Kind of. Or maybe gaze up at a pretty capiz shell chandelier over our bed while we think about the cuties in Psych 101. Why are so many hot guys psych majors, anyway? (If you’re even slightly considering putting a chandelier in your dorm room ~ and really you should be, since you can’t get much more bang for your buck than plugging and swagging a chandelier ~ check out this whole page of chandeliers. Lots of awesome chandeliers under $50, in every color and style that you can imagine.) (Swagging the chandelier cord means that you don’t have to wire it into the ceiling ~ which your dad might be able to do, but your RA probably won’t like. Just plug it into an outlet, hang the chandelier where you want it, and drape the cord.)

Another cool use of a small chandelier to bring a little light and a lot of sprarkle to your dorm room.

Paper lanterns? They look great, are easy to pack (and repack if you want to use them next year), come in a huge array of colors, and can even be lighted if you want to make your room fancy for a pre-party or “hall event.”

We’ve got lots of small pieces of furniture that offer function and style at very dorm-friendly price points. Check out our selection of garden stools (seating), storage ottomans (genius), and end tables (duh) to customize your space on a budget. (Have you seen this little owl? Um, kinda adorable. Perfect as a stool/end table depending on whether you need spots for people or for drinks.)

Totally ingenius DIY project ~ a splatter chair. Lots of colleges sell their extra furniture, or you and the roomie can hit the yard sales to find a gem that needs a little TLC. We’re pretty sure that a budget of $25 will get you a unique piece that you might even get a little sentimental about over the next four years. (No, we don’t stock this ~ it’s just too cool of a project not to do.)

Mosquito net canopies and strands of party lights? We’re not sure that we like that sort of thing. But twist our arms…

We’re not sure who keeps a dorm room this neat, but we hope it’s your new roommate. Anyway, we’re sold on wall decal art as our new dorm room fave.

Another high impact, low budget DIY project that we love? PRINT those photographs (from home, from college, from wherever) and use old school clothespins to display your favorites. We love mpix.com for good quality prints at good prices, shipped fast.

And if ever there were a place where bead curtains could solve problems, we think that college dorm rooms are strong contenders. Need to add some visual interest where you wish you had a door? Want to give the illusion of a blingy headboard? *Need* to create an alcove for your dirty laundry? Never fear, bead curtains (and shell curtains, and bamboo curtains, and aluminum chain curtains… you get the idea) are here.

Whether you’re excited, anxious, ecstatic, or a little of all of the above when it comes to heading away to college, having a dorm room that combines form and function into a space that is a little bit party, a little bit sanctuary, and every bit yours is a cure for whatever ails you. We’d love to see your most creative use of our products in your back-to-school designs. Snap a pic and post it to our FB timeline, or email it to us at help@shopwildthings.com.

Katie Henderson

Written By: Katie

Posted: 2013-08-12
Last modified: 2014-07-17

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