Iridescent vs. Non-Iridescent Beaded Curtains, Columns & Chandeliers

Beaded Curtains and Beaded Chandeliers from ShopWildThings come with Iridescent or Non-Iridescent Coating

Beaded Curtains and Beaded Chandeliers from ShopWildThings come with Iridescent or Non-Iridescent Coating


At ShopWildThings we carry a variety of fabulous Event Decoration items and among the most popular are our Beaded Curtains and Chandeliers that are made out of our Acrylic Beads. One of the first things you need to know about our beads is that we are complete maniacs about quality. We travel across the world to inspect the materials being used in our factories and to ensure that the beads used in our Bead Curtains, Columns, and Chandeliers are absolutely beautiful. When you order from us, the beads will not be cloudy, rough, or cheap looking. We pay more for the processes used to make our beads so that when you order from us, you can rest assured that your decorations will be spectacular.
We aren’t cheapest Acrylic Bead provider. We aim to be the best.

One of the questions that our customers ask us is about the Iridescent Coating and the Non-Iridescent Coating on our Acrylic Beads. When you browse our site, most beads have the Iridescent Coating. Sometimes you’ll notice that in the name of a product, we’ve specifically called out the fact that the product is “Non-Iridescent”.

As shown in the photo above, the beads on the left have a coating on top that reflect other colors on top. Some clients feel that this is a little more “reflective” or sparkly.

The beads on the right do not have the iridescent coating on top. Notice that the beads are still cut nicely. They will still sparkle, because of the cuts and facets on the beads. However, there are not additional colors on top of the bead. Some clients want a completely clear bead, and this fits that bill. This will also match with other elements on the tabletop such as our candle holders and clear beads that you might string on a centerpiece manzanita tree.

We get asked these two questions every day:

#1: Can Iridescent Beaded Curtains, Chandeliers, Columns, Candle Holders and Non-Iridescent be mixed and matched with each other? YES! Our customers do this all the time.

#2: Which finish looks classier? Non-Iridescent or Iridescent? We are going to break down some of the information so that you can decide which style is best for you.

Iridescent Coating Information:

The beads are dipped into an extra coating to add iridescence or a “pearlized” coating on top. This process is used for both clear and colored beads.

  1. Iridescent coating gives Extra Sparkle and Shine.
  2. Every Clear Bead item that we carry from Beaded Curtains to Columns to Chandeliers that has an Iridescent Coating can be mixed and matched, no matter what the bead shape and all of the items will coordinate.
  3. Even though the iridescent coating is sort of pastel, if you aim different colored lights at these beads, they will take on the color of the light.
  4. Beads are faceted, so as they move, the facets will catch the light and sparkle.
    The photo below from In the Event in Utah shows Iridescent Beaded Curtains with LED lighting at the top shining down on them. Even though the beads have the Iridescent Coating on top, the colors of the beads will take on the color of the lighting. Notice that with this lighting, the look is NOT pastel. You can also use Spotlights or Par Can Lights, whatever you already own. The lighting does NOT have to be LED.Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 9.36.19 PM

The photos below show some of our Chelsea Swirl Chandeliers on the Tabletop. These are our Clear Beads with an Iridescent Coating, but notice that they don’t clash with the other decor in the room.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 9.48.30 PM

Below is another large installation of Acrylic Beaded Curtains and Columns WITH the Iridescent Coating.


Non-Iridecsent Information: 

  1. Non-Iridescent Beads still sparkle, because our beads are faceted on both sides. As the curtains move, the light will catch on these facets and sparkle.
  2. Some customers choose Non-Iridescent beads because they do not want other colors to show on the top of the beads.
  3. We have many matching Non-Iridescent Beaded Curtains, Columns and Chandeliers available. We can always help you to choose coordinating items
  4. If you’d like to change the colors of the Non-Iridescent beads, simply aim lights at them as in the images above with the Iridescent Beads. The result will be the same.
  5. The most frequent use of the Non-Iridescent Beads is if you want to use the beads in a daytime or natural daylight venue where you do not want other colors to show on top of the beads.

The video below shows our Non-Iridescent Beaded Square Shaped Columns with colorful spotlights aimed at them.

The photo below is our Non-Iridescent Ceiling Curtain. Notice that even without the Iridescent Coating, and with very other lighting in the room, it’s still very sparkly.



If you have any questions at all about ShopWildThings decor for your home, wedding, retail location, stage production, or for any other use…we would love to help.

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Call us anytime! 928.855.6075. Our staff is friendly, helpful and will answer your questions with no pressure to buy. We just want to help you to find the decor that will make your event sparkle and that you can be proud to display!

Katie Henderson

Written By: Katie

Posted: 2016-01-03
Last modified: 2016-01-03

At ShopWildThings, our mission is to bring beautiful and innovative decor solutions to our customers who decorate events, productions, retail and living spaces. We will cheerfully answer your calls, help with your concept, provide great product at a great price, and ship promptly from the vast inventory in our own warehouses. ShopWildThings is a family owned company, established in 1989. Buy from us with confidence. We understand that you need a source you can trust to deliver the right product at the right price at the specified time. Relax, you have found the premier location for beaded curtains and lighting on the Internet! We supply curtains to everyone! If you are decorating a room and need a bead curtain, this is the place! If you are a set decorator or event have found your source for great deals and the best quality available. We look forward to doing business with you! We handle every customer and every order with tender loving care and attention to detail. ShopWildThings is not a "drop-ship" depot. We'll handle your order with TLC. Our sales staff does not work on commission, so you will be dealing with real folks who want you to love what you get from us. You'll notice we're often imitated but never duplicated. No one can match our customer service or quality. We are confident that once you shop with us, you'll be back! ShopWildThings has supplied beaded curtains, chandeliers and decor to Universal Studios, Disney, David Tutera, Paramount, Warner Brothers, The Kennedy Center, Dreamworks, Sony, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, Harpo Studios, HBO, Better Homes and Gardens, Colin Cowie, HGTV, TLC, MTV, SHOP Etc. and leading special event designers, interior design companies, retail chains, hotels, casinos, and resorts. You have seen our beaded curtains and chandeliers in many, many motion pictures, television shows, music videos, commercials and magazines.

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