On Trend and Budget Friendly: Kissing Balls Slash Floral Costs without Sacrificing Style

We have discovered what we think may be the perfect floral piece for almost any wedding where money is an object, and style is a necessity:  Our Real Feel Kissing Ball.  It’s simple, versatile, reusable, and virtually impossible to distinguish from real flowers.

We’ll say that last part again, because it’s kind of hard to believe, but it’s true ~ our Real Feel Kissing Balls look *so* real that it’s hard to tell that they aren’t live florals, even if you *know* they aren’t.

Kissing balls are perfect for a beach wedding, or really any outdoor wedding.  Hanging from shepherd’s hooks, choose white kissing balls for an elegant monochromatic color scheme, or use a pop of color against the sand and ocean backdrop.  All of our kissing balls are easy to transport, better able to stand up against a little beach breeze than live blooms, and inexpensive.  For the absolute most realistic kissing balls, look for the ones that are designated as Real Feel ~ they look sooooo real.  And gorgeous.

If your outdoor beach wedding just has to be totally over-the-top fabulous, look no further than Colin Cowie’s incredible beach weddings for inspiration.  A bead curtain backdrop and kissing balls on columns?  Yes, please.  We’d like our ocean cerulean too, please.

kissing balls and bead curtains at beach wedding.

Source: Colin Cowie

This tiny little image shows off a great, budget-friendly idea for florals.  Kissing ball bridesmaids’ bouquets are pretty, photogenic, and inexpensive.  Best of all, no one will know that they are faux florals unless you let them in on the secret.  Ours look and even feel so real that you can substitute them anywhere that you’d use real florals.  Add bead or crystal handles for an extra touch of elegance, or incorporate a little rustic/nautical chic with burlap rope handles.

Does your venue need some sparkle without breaking the bank?  Kissing balls suspended from a bead curtain are pretty much pure décor genius.  Cut our bead curtains to tiered lengths easily to get this look, and use the extra beads in your centerpieces.  Keep scrolling to see how…

We pretty much love these centerpieces, which use bead strands (or the extra pieces from your cut bead curtains, as shown above), vases, and votives to bring romance, and kissing balls to replace live florals.  A budget win without sacrificing style or elegance.  A simple LED light and water jelly pearls will illuminate your vases from below, adding drama without adding $$$ to your budget.

Another simple use of kissing balls to replace live florals ~ this lovely daytime centerpiece features simple candlesticks, pearls, elegant table number holders, and kissing balls in a budget-friendly, stylish centerpiece.

Whether your budget is lush or lean, we love to bring you the tips and tricks that stretch your dollars without compromising the overall look, feel, and style of your celebration.

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Written By: Beth

Posted: 2016-05-06
Last modified: 2016-07-19

Beth is a mother of two with a flair for the dramatic rivaled only by that of her children. She loves the art in every day and appreciates the way that great design makes the world a more beautiful *and* a more functional place.

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